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hodgy beats – biscuits lyrics



[intro: tyler, the creator]
what the h-ll?!

[hodgy beats]
yeah… yeah, uhh
ride 7:30, arrive 7:30
ride h-lla dirty, shades extra nerdy
i heard it from a birdie, blackberry i replied
in the burb you heard me barter cash and get supplied
i cut off their supplies, cause this a drug movement
crack music muh’f-cker this is thug music
i hustle harder because this how the thugs do it
i move smart decisions, you just stuck stupid!
ace f-ckin moved it, viron oddly looped it
fall in love with music like you struck by cupid
my hair is in your face n-gg- three pounds to it
if the radio don’t play my jam, they f-ckin foolish
what’s his name? (hodgy beats) he’s the coolest
the paper and the pen that’s what he’ll take you to school with
odd future is his camp, tree strumps with a branch
where they lamp, and they chant, and they grant, when they ranked
you with this certified stamp of the procedure
sick–ss music, now you n-gg-z got fevers…
sick–ss music, now you n-gg-z got fevers

[chorus: repeat 2x]
i do it for the pasadena skaters, pasadena lovers
pasadena haters, pasadena mothers
i do it for the pasadena waittress, pasadena music
it’s a odd future playlist, it’s a odd future playlist

[hodgy beats]
one verse is all you need for a fix
cause i’m not throwing stones and sticks, i’m lodgin bricks
i’m not a kid, but i can show you some (trix)
that’ll have you in the mix like twix, switch!
i swear i hear ’em cheerin, i swear i know you hear ’em
oops i did it again n-gg- f-ck your brittney spear’n
i’m lookin in the mirror, and my vision’s gettin clearer
i can smell the truth gettin nearer
reeboks black bag, odd future era
iller than cold beans spilled upon your fresh new fit
we bangin in your ears with some fresh new sh-t
i’m a (jive) -ss n-gg- with my (fresh) music…



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