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holly near – put away lyrics


you dressed in gym socks and tennis shoes
so you could ride your bike to school
your starched white shirt tucked in a skirt revealed defiance
while matching sweaters were the rule
and while the other girls dressed up and went to dances
you played mazurkas at home
your flaming spirit burned its p-ssion on those ivory keys
storm but yet a breeze
you were an artist . . . precious artist
now you’re put away
locked up in a prison
now you’re put away
in a safely padded room
now you’re put away
they say that you went crazy
but we’re coming, coming for you
you had your sights on the olympics
you looked to women who were strong
amidst the mult-tudes of fads and teenage idols
you felt the pressure to belong
but in the summer time, you joined the boys in baseball
girls were playing games that weren’t your own
with nimble grace how you would fly the field with mighty speed
always in the lead
you were an athlete . . . graceful athlete
you always p-ssed me in silence
i never reached for your hand
though someone told me that you liked to hear my music
i never joined with you to stand
stand up and fight the myth condemning you with rumors
well, i never thought those things of you
but now with time as my heart grows in love and grat-tude
i hope that the rumors were true
oh dear sweet woman . . . loving women