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holstar, dominant 1 – africa is lyrics


africa is
(our own motherland)x4
oh no
(you are born today)
oh no
(we fly together)
oh no
(you are born today)
oh no we fly together

dominant 1
we are flying together
no matter the monsoon
desert of weather
hard as a rock light a feather
we been through it at brother its whatever
reminding my kings and my queens
we dug up the facts and knowledge nah mean
dencendants of a movement that reigns supreme
we have woken up its a new regime
djembe pounding out when we do it
educate the whole youth throughthe music
emac+p+te the whole mind
forever producing
freedom of self yeah we inducing
lets build our industry
rewrite our history
unfold all the mystery
now we tether
oh no we fly together
africa is the village, we need to change our mindset – the chiefs need to stop with all the pillage/
cow h+rns is the scrimmage, shaka zulu on em – yeah we never leave an enemy behind/
youth are the future – the real resources, minerals fade but you can never resource this/
what’s in your mind is the greatest weapon, future conflicts based on technology/
so you need to be reasoning logically, build your community, build your economy/
yeah its black power, black pride but you won’t have a ngwee if you lack power, lack pride/
so come people stop with nonsense, lets clean slate, new plate never content/
new wave, new ways to peddle the content – own platforms – we will always elevate!

be careful of their knowledge when they call you uneducated
of their words when they call you voiceless
of their aid when they call you poor
of their agenda when they call you underdeveloped
of their god when they call you pagan
of their norms when they call you primitive
of their civilisation when they call you a savage
of their history when they call you discovered
of their saviours when they call you victims
of their systems when they call you disorderly
of their light when they call you dark
africa be careful of becoming their version of you