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honest bob and the factory-to-dealer incentives – tatooine lyrics


a pile of sand is all i see
and in the distance, mos eisley
no no my friend this is not the place to be
that smell you smell is bantha pee

and though i’m willing to admit
that it’s a piece of sh-t
it’ll always be a part of me
one i don’t regret


a moisture farm ain’t loads of fun
especially in the heat of our two suns
i need a ship that can make the kessel run
to go find my sister with her hair in two buns

though i wanna get off this rock
so far it’s just been talk
but one day that droid will come
and i’m gonna walk


everyone has dreams, mine are clear
find obi-wan and get the h-ll outta here
knowledge and defense, but never fear
that’s right, one day i’ll have yoda’s ear

you can hide the truth from me
but with the force i can see
that one day i’ll be set free
like my father before me