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honest bob and the factory-to-dealer incentives – who i am to you lyrics


i look in the mirror and i know just what i’ll see
a perfect imitation of a guy who looks like me
but i would like to see myself from other points of view
i know who i am except for who i am to you

i know what’s intended when i say the things i say
but i’m aware that you might not interpret them that way
and so i can’t determine what the words i say should be
i don’t know what they mean except for what they mean to me

it gets so deadly dull
sitting here inside my skull
i wish it were possible
to visit you in yours

each thing that i do is something that you see i’ve done
but i can’t bear to start explaining each and every one
another me lives in your head and he’s important too
i know who he is except for who he is to you