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horseburner – psalm of kingsfall lyrics


and these calloused hands will shake and grasp at the mouth of kings
cut out their tongues
sing the psalm of blood as a song of holy words
rain down from the highest throne
golden robes lay torn, idols taken to the torch
remnants of these righteous men
the monuments they’ve built, their vanity will turn to ash
in the age of kingsfall

the mark of the servant burned into the hand that fills the cup
the hand that plows the field, the hand that quenches l-st
the calendar’s stones worn away by the ages in holy bonds
buried too long in darkness, are you meek and humble

find your courage, raise your anchor

servants and sinners listen all. loose the shackles bled your wrists
we become the secret words that slipped your fathers’ lips
-ssemble at the gates. we ascend unknown
stone by stone, they are entombed in their gilded, holy halls

find your courage, raise your anchor
find your courage, rise to anger