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hospitality – the birthday lyrics


always got your frown
got your brown bags
sulking in the corner
the ruins of rome in your armchair

filling up your pores
and your wars and your basket
smoke on the mantle that sits on the ashtray
roll up the windows on this drive

blackened oily teacup
a drop on your round mouth
armor is rusting
the knight and his raptor

always looking bored or too tired to remember
dust on your knee
or first snow in december
tighten the reins before this ride
the hills and the alleys, back ways
forage through the leaves and long days
raking up the tea and candy
bent baby blue and his old bad news

evergreen but old isn’t wise or becoming
dust on your boots isn’t much but it’s growing
-bundle up your plans and your bags and your high cl-ss
treasure was found but the gold turned to green br-ss
tighten the reins for one more time

the hills and the sandy blond bog
brackish water waves will mend some
cobalt-colored gl-ss and sandals
elope to the reefs of australia