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hozay – you the one lyrics


hozay – you the one -lyrics-

five chains , dark shades, like im eazy
five b-tches on me , im real slick
you the one , yeah , you the one
you the one that they really trynna be x2
you the one, yeaah , you the one
you the one that they really trynna be

verse 1 :

get it right there, ain’t no rehearsal
i get it right there, i solemnly swear
that this beat so wack..
but pay attention how i k!ll it right here
n-ggas in the cut, biting their nails
’cause the game moving slow man
that sh-t like a snail
besides that, i have been gone for too long
im back now, already they calling my phone
talking about features and link ups..
i took a sip of that mixture
she know my name is henry, she call me hendrix ’cause i am the future
lil homie you done switched up, im only f-cking with cougars now
teenagers all in they feelings bra
they searching for deeper connections
deeper than their pockets be on a regular
she on her knees for them blessings that come from a blesser
and you mistook her for a keeper , but im kermit smoking reefer
my selenas snorting beiber, hozay but she call me chipa
ball like i play for the clippers
i spit it raw like its fish tail -no geiler
so many people that i met through rizzla but non of them realer , the lacking hard
im with my gorrilas, my f-cking squad
rolling the dice like its bakugan
my b-tch so fly she been a – cl-ss
her face like an 8 you should see her a–
she hate that i brag so much, but this what happens when you go out and get the bag


wrist work, bling bling
benz fart, know im racing
on my feet i been outchea paper chasing
i can’t fvck with you cos i know that you be hating
verse 2:
maan im on the roll, im off the leash man im in im zone
im in a league of my own , i’m on the go
my b-tches on dro, imma sit right in the throne
she call me when she home alone, i pull up with sweat pants with no draws on
i ain’t hear to talk..
the lean gives me phuza face, you know its a vibe when we in the place, i know she on white like its been her race, and she not ashamed ’cause she been that way
she do it for pay, never ride the wave
trynna get to central pay, keep your sentiments , keep your cents , motherf-ck what you have to say
i make it look easy, wrote this sh-t yesterday
getting baked on a day to day, writing songs on a daily basis , never smile to friendly face
never get too attached ’cause they switch on you anyday, yea i learnt to attack
i was fast on my feet, i got stuck on repeat
and my speech had to press play
rolling the dice like ots bakugan, put my life on the line when im having fun
i done came up on my own, used to get bashed by my bigger bro, now look at who walking tall, !y kish like the rock , boy i been on strong, i been a don like caleon, i been stocking up on my cool points , i dont even claim to be the best, see really you prove to me i’m the best
i try to be modest at times , i got to be blind not to see that im up next
i get better with time, nah,i get better with rhyme, cartel gvnging with the slimes , throwing up ,throwing up , gvng signs like we mimes
johnny walker with the mob, what hyena to a god , yeah


five chains , dark shades , like im eazy
five b-tches on me ,im real slick
you the one , yeahh , you the one