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huis – synethesia lyrics


don’t be afraid
i am still awake
entering those laps of life
someone else on my behalf

prisoner of these chains
looking for a savior will be the same
everything is going too fast
struggle to look into the past

tracing the line between the dots
a grain of sand lost among my thoughts
try to figure out once more
the shape of things beyond the door

there’s no one else to blame
this is not a shame
running through the circles of mine
crossing centuries of mankind

a walk in the morning
dreaming absolutely about nothing
gr-ss is covered by dew
i close my eyes, an escher point of view

there are some weird mornings
nurtured by a night of memories
this night everything was possible
when everything was in the crucible

this moment when you manage to make cry
the characters of your dreams
but you can’t answer why

when order becomes confusion
when the chaos becomes the norm

when your plans fail – synesthesia remains
when your scheme fails – synesthesia remains
when your mind fails – synesthesia remains
when your sketch fails – synesthesia remains
when layout fails – synesthesia remains
when method fails – synesthesia remains
when your life fails

colors and shapes beyond reason
without this there will be much confusion
between the screen and your mind
there’s nothing you can find

the fence between to lands
the border of your times
between the child and mother’s heart
a sad destiny that departs

the evidence before your eyes
from your mind to your hands
teardrops of a wounded child
water of his strongest roots

the last time of an old man
his loop will have an end
a shortcut to find your way
hopefully that will be okay