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human collapse – deep lyrics


falling through the stars
drifting through the aether
i forget my face and my name

velvet dark embrace
emptiness so rich
embrace of the hollowness
i drown in its soft caress

carry me, the unseen river
through the interstellar void
towards the sweet oblivion
non+being i crave to enjoy

the memories fade and disappear
traces of self wiped from the cortex
in a whirlwind of colours
drawn to a bright shining vortex

a drink of the water
from this sacred current
heals all my wounds and my woеs

i will soon become
as one with thе cosmos
my mind will dissolve
in the transcendental light
waiting for eternal rest
i raise my hand to reach the sun
and brace my tired mind and soul
for radiance that soon will come

hold me tight
clean my heart
swallow me
make me whole

shivers crawling up my spine
gentle touch of light divine
bliss is running through my veins
here forever i remain

i am pulled back by the unseen cord
it drags me through the world of hurt
deliverance was within my reach
i’m back to my torment, there’s no relief