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hurricane smith – auntie vi’s lyrics


we all went round to auntie vi’s for tea
mum and dad
jimmy lad and me
and mother had the usual things to say
that we should please be good today

she’s all dressed up like a persian cat
when he’s looking very fluffy
but he’s much too fat and furry

and dear old dad
in his best cravat
couldn’t go anywhere without his old brown hat
that derby bought in 1892

and after family greetings had begun
couldn’t miss the big wet kiss to come
and after jelly, cream
and strawberry flan
we all just sat and grown up chat
i couldn’t understand

la da da da
la da da da
da da da da da da da da
la da da da
la da da da
da da da da da da da da

i know there’s much to be grateful for
but going out to tea
is such a great big bore on sunday
boring sunday

but i mustn’t complain
not a single word
good little boys are only seen not heard
on sunday
mothers’ day of rest

the smoky open fire
and old perfume
special treat
once a week or two
i couldn’t wait ’til mother finally said
“time for us to catch the bus
and home in time for bed!”