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huseby – bora bora lyrics


hook: 0:27
baby won’t you bring it my way
i could take it back
take it way back in the day
you ain’t even gotta ask
take you back to my place
baby if you take me back
won’t go back to my ways

verse 1: 0:40
k i know that i went and f-cked up
talk to the nerve that i struck
lately i’m thinking bout us
me and you up in my truck
now everything we built amuck
almost forgot about us
hard to go build it back up
when all of it started with trust
baby believe me
baby believe me
tell me you need me
tell me you wanna come see me
a’int talking bout up on the tv
wanted take you to fiji
fully naked when you see me
i’m bout to score like a td
spelling it out like a ouija
lately i feel like a beast
now she heard about release
now she really wanna eat
couple thousand on her feet
know exactly what i mean
she don’t want a f-cking lease
i just got back from the east
now she wanna go to greece
f-ck it we all gonna feast
bout to bless her like a priest
cmon now baby now please


verse 2: (1:35)
and i hope that you know what i mean
when i tell you i wanted to make us a team
and i don’t mean like two i mean three
the fact that i thought it was f-cking with me
girl i don’t give a f-ck what it seems
i give you my love like it grow on a tree
give you the shirt of my back plus my jeans
can’t even get a text back on my screen

bridge 1:50
babe if i could see you today
i’ll take you back…
take it way back to the day
i won’t be actin no ways
won’t ever lie to ya face
baby i won’t ever won’t ever won’t ever

verse: 2:02
used to be running through phases
lying to faces
now i just stick to the basics
they just be stuck in a maze
people get stuck in they ways
my life a movie today
bless u like i just said grace
i just stay down its amazing
still i remember the days i was stuck in jail like its back in the day when
i treated my life like a race
now i’m flying out of state
now they wonder what i make
speculate on who i date
talk about me like i’m fake
now i’m always looking great
now im never running late
eating better getting steak
get that sh-t up on my plate
i ain’t ever gonna wait
you can’t tell me this ain’t fate
nah man i really don’t need her
nah man i really don’t need her
now we sipping margarita
while we pull in the marina
now my gr-ss is always greener
sauce is up in my demeanor
i got the pot like a pan
ain’t talking bout no peter
where did i even began
can’t even muh f-cking keep up

now they like huseby the bae
fly that b-tch out from the bay
catch a plane no overlay
she wanna f-ck well ok
she do whatever i say
f-ck it man back to my ways
tired of acting some way
when she won’t call back either way
f-ck it man all that sh-t fake
get the f-ck out of my face
im going back to my