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hydrodynamiks – sad and bad lyrics


[hook: yung fiji]
all sad, all bad days in oh
only 18, but i’m feeling like i’m in the dark age
all sad, all bad days in oh
i will always feel lost till i find myself back on the stage
all sad, all bad in oh(no days)

[verse 1: yung fiji]
you invitin’, couldn’t go tho
i’m in block o and you in so ho
rep the valley, i’m in the oval
bout to melt down like chern0byl
got longer hair than most of the girls here
you was waiting i was chasing like i’m vermeer
shout out em but michigan needs to disappear
feeling sad not afraid to shed a tear
i was looking for you now i’m feelin’ blue
i’m in tito’s hut, more like timbuktu (alone!)
goin’ home for summer tell them hoes come through
make shorty bed rock yaba+daba+doo!

[hook: yung fiji]
all sad, all bad days in oh
i be writing songs so real that my words are comin’ off of the page
all sad, all bad days in oh
i already know in the future hydro bout to be all the rage
all sad, all bad in oh(in oh in oh in oh)