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hype lyfe – bars lyrics


abusing the track like adrian peterson
it’s hype lyfe and i’m dropping the heat again
i keep my sh-t real simple
popper her p-ssy like a pimple
i start my own sh-t
y’all following like a ripple
all i chase is bread, y’all could call me bimbo
shoot at yall hittas, i’ma have yall seeing triples
leave some holes on you hittas
and i ain’t talking bout no dimples
everybody out here, claiming they the best
but every time i see these hittas they look just like the rest
your girl made me hard like she playing for the west
y’all think you so high, y’all just in the attic
i’m on the 32nd floor, just like stephen paddock
oh sh-t, did i take that too far?
i’m the king snake you could call me jafar
blew the track up like i just said, allah akbar
the difference between me and y’all is that i have the b-lls to say it
just like seether said, y’all go around and fake it
i’m the only one really doing it
dropped some merch, got your b-tch wearing it
i did this by myself, i didn’t need to be declaring it
you against me, there’s really no comparison
she called me father but i ain’t thomas jefferson
y’all getting exposed like (blank) give head again
i’ve been gone for a minute but i’m back now
dropped some merch, yall ain’t taking me down now
i don’t like your -ss so don’t be calling me bow wow
i’m the king of the valley so go ahead and bow down
forgotten -ss h-ttas like y’all were the lost and found
bout to put these d-mn hittas in the ric brown
i’m just so up in the clouds man i’m just really feeling it
gave your girl my banana ’cause she been acting curious
can’t wait to see her again like the fast and furious
y’all went and got a big head like y’alls phineas
y’all hittas cannot be serious
y’all done made me furious
how y’all gonna say that i ain’t really running this
i ain’t no d-mn cop, but you know i be f-cking cuffing it
get these fugazee -ss h-ttas outta here, i’m donald trumping it
like mcdonald’s man, i’m just really loving it
i got some haters but i keep straight spitting
she got a tight end, call her jason witten
cause last time i check, you know that i stayed winning
whiles all i did was listen to hittas b-tching
y’all remind of a b-tch up in the kitchen
i got a strong influence and i ain’t talking about a pet-tion
cause before i came in the game, man that sh-t was quite
couple of months later now everyone wanna try it
all y’all hittas chickens and i talking bout no tyson
making y’all ask for the aux like a f-cking bison
i break your -ss down like yous a freaking hyphen
and all i say is that “it’s a hype lyfe ting!”
have y’all praying on yah knees like sutherland springs
i feel horrible, please believe me i do
but what i’ve learned is that i’ll do anything for the views
i’m just tryna add some spice in it like terry crews
k!lling all these dues like my name ted cruz
have yall b-tches screaming truce
y;all shark bait i ain’t talking bruce
y’all hittas acting like b-tches and i ain’t talking bruce!
your b-tch sending me letters, acting like it’s blue’s clues
i guess now i understand why you have trust issues
not my fault your girl don’t wanna be with you
buddy, you ain’t got a clue
just know i’ma hitting y’all with a curveball like a pitcher
i’m out here getting framed when i’m not even in the picture
i ran it up you know but i ain’t getting richer
i had enough with these snakes
i can’t even conversate
they always got something to say
y’all gon meet the thompson, and i ain’t talking bout klay
i never knew that dogs talked until my homie turned into a snake
no wrong decisions i just needed to reevaluate
came here to annihilate
shut sh-t down like y2k
last time that i spit i came out with the win
this time i’m just here to let them know again
y’all sadam -ss h-ttas like hussein
and i’m the f-cking goat, and no i ain’t kidding
i did this by myself just to hit y’all with the heat
i pulled up to her house and i didn’t trick or treat
i speak however i wanna speak
next time i’ma let aaron jump on it with me