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hypothetical – knockout lyrics


verse 1:

i think i started in the 10th grade, dikembe mutombo
and ever since i graduated it’s been hard to stay humble
my teacher listen, i’ll get the mba and start my business
i had a lot to say so write a sentence

aw yeah, got my rhymes and my sickness
on time wouldn’t miss this, divine intervention i meant it
the lines i injected, were possible endings
to everything i ever thoughts was handed

the bottom is bending and pushing the limited further
every time i’m depending on radical statements determined
there’s a lot of you winded, the current is pushing you under
i’m on fire, sedated, the brain of the patient is stirred up

and uh, mother f-cker you just think you’re different
yeah b-tch thought i told you all the secret lesson
stop speaking with a stigmatism never blessing
stop reading with an indecision, pmsing

so let’s f-ck to hypothetical, a medical substance
petty merry go around, spinning in the dungeon
got a little bit odd, then turned the page to the public
i’m cutting up the onion, bout to peel it back now

verse 2:

i got a story to tell, but i’ll start with indecision
i’ve been flexing for a minute and it started in the kitchin
i’ve been ripping sh-t up, take the fist out the cuffs
need the system to bump, got your sister to f-ck, and what?

just the b-tt for now, i mess around
but no one found the man in town was here to take another crown
and just as you were sitting down to dinner going pound for pound
you thought that you could eat? i thought you had your turn to speak

i guess not. oh you putting in a verse a week, and you hot?
there’s a lot of fish just fighting to breathe, and i’m caught?
i got women moaning all my verses on their knees
place another red carpet underneath their feet

so i can walk down, got the hawk bound
all the peons don’t agree on anything i talk about
never lean on anything unless it’s all sound
best to start with going all out

best to harvest in everything you can’t live without
just the thought of it i never really had a doubt
the curtain’s falling, give my arteries to hear the crowd
i’m bleeding slowly but at least i’ll never let you down