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happyppl – timon squared lyrics


i don’t wanna be the best but i am
i don’t wanna be this sweg, i just am
it’s really hard trying to not be the man, when i am
you wouldn’t understand
i don’t wanna be the best but i am
i don’t wanna be this sweg, i just am
catch me kicking with the fam
dvl gang dvl gang gang
got lost in the cess
head to toe gucci when i hopped in the porce {sweg}
yeah, i got me some more
tell the b-tch suck my d-ck stop being a wh-r-
hey, peek through the blind, sea view is nice
policemen ??? slip them aside
reach for the knife
said i wouldn’t k!ll you but i secretly might
you think i won’t but i really will
zero chill
???trell, you’re my hero still
i know, i know we’re so ill
i be in my zone can’t hear you no
you’re deluded if you think i’m kind
i was trynna get a shooting
you never been the man, you’ve always been diluted
it’s like you try so hard just to be included
what the f-ck you even doing?
now school is in session {i wanna be wack}
i ??? you for the lesson
all you do is impressions
and y’all want attention but your view is ???
i think the last ??? you’re impressing
thought of being like you, it’s depressing
tell you “be cool, stop distressing”
but to you being cool is an obsession
sh-t’s pathetic kinda[?] whole another level
we will never be the same b-tch
i’m a rebel
you suck d-ck to get a medal
try stepping to the gang, now you’re dancing with the devil

[lee scott]

i’m laughing but it’s no joke
i’m trynna ??? a gold rope ???
it won’t float
that doesn’t matter though
forget the love
i just do this for the f-ck of it
oi, shh! you ???
i just made some toast
you ??? it
am i the sh-t just to be?
and another be(e?)
i’m full of it
i haven’t moved a muscle but i’m running sh-t
do i understand what i’m saying?
some of it, most of it
i’m two part wheel
every verse got that fresh new sock feel
the mind boggles
??? games got more futures than sci-fi novels
{what you’ve got?}
i’ve got a lot to say
for someone that hasn’t got a lot to say
lee and trell, the modern day kid ‘n play
i sprain my ankle trynna two-step the limb away
i was a pimp yesterday
and i’m a pimp today
i spread your girl’s legs
it was in my way
lost in the rain
head to toe mighter when i hopped on the train
until i heard you rap i was on some
“we are all one and the same” {type sh-t}
ah, f-ck that, f-ck that
no chance
we’re definitely very different

- happyppl lyrics

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