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harrod funck – stop and stare lyrics


cracks in the sidewalk.
i’m counting it never ends, oh no.
why does it amuse me,
tracing lines in my eyes up and down?

these clouds never go away, oh no,
maybe i want them i don’t know.
it gets so cold here, oh yeah,
never a new day until it said,

“h-llo brother, how are you doing now?
i know a couple words are all you need
to help get you through a boring cl-ss
or make your hard heart bleed.” then i say,

“hear your hair’s getting longer now.
you know, mine’s really hardly there.”
boy, make me look back. make me stop and stare.
make me stop and stare.

“just waiting for things to get rough here.
seven grand won’t go far, oh no.
but i’ve got dreams boy,
better hold fast onto yours too.

things will change when you get out, oh yeah.
they’re always changing, they’re never the same again,
but you know i’m really lucky
to have a lover as a friend.” oh, and it said,

“i’ll see you in a month or two, boy.
we’ll go and walk out in the snow.
you know we don’t have to talk a lot,
we’ll just watch those ashes glow.

i want to have a smoke with you.
won’t you play me your new songs?”
boy, make me look back, make me stop and stare.
make me stop and stare.

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