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heidi hypnotique – work it out lyrics


oooh yeah, hey…
oooh yeah, hey…

i was feeling just a little bit lost,
when you came into my life,
i had just been someone’s wife,
i had just fallen out of love,
’cause enough was enough,
so i had to call it quits,
yeah i had to get rid of him.
now here you are,
shining like a star,
that shines above my life.
you shine so far,
but you shine so bright and i,
i won’t lie, i did try,
to convince you to change your mind.
looks like it’s not gonna work this time,


every time i look into your baby blues,
i see something you’re hiding from so,
i’m gonna be the first and last,
i’m gonna be the one to bring it to ya.
i know this may sound a little crazy,
but i wanna be your one and only lady.
baby boy you and i together,
we can work it out.
work it out…

you look so s-xy,
standing over there,
with your faded jeans,
and your messed up hair boy.

got me goin’ crazy,
just wanna be your lady,
your one and only baby.
come over here,
together you and i,
we can fly,
so high in the sky.
oh baby we can,
work it out,
we’ll work it out,
we’ll work it out,
we’ll work it out, uh..

lyrics/vocals: heidi hypnotique

instrumentals/production: tai “upgrade” rotan

(c) tkrp music publishing 2012

heidi hypnotique - work it out lyrics are property and copyright of their owners and provided for educational purposes and personal use only.