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hell rell – love ruga lyrics


nothing moving but the money, n-gg-
i said nothing moving but my money, n-gg-
ruga’s back, let me talk to these n-gg-s
what’s up, real n-gg-s?
chief keef, what’s up my young n-gg-?
this sh-t hot
lil reese i was in the middle of the shot with you,
with them 35’s
oh, y’all know that’s them 30 round clips, n-gg-

these n-gg-s love ruga, streets love ruga
hop out with my shooter acting like they knew us
these n-gg-s don’t know us, their b-tches can blow us
pay extra for them keys, yeah, the plug owe us
hardo on my left hand, beams on my right hand
yeah, i’m on that n-gg- sh-t, put money like a white
bentleys and [?] we don’t fly coaches
dely get the raid can, these n-gg-s is roaches
‘fore i caught with deepsy i was selling bricks
i ain’t had no baby mamma drumming on no kids
ask around the town n-gg-, yeah, i’m a fair shoe
baby i’m a team player, you go f-ck the clique, too
ok, ok, enough, enough the chief keef flow
you a rabbit, get street dough
why you watching them broke n-gg-s?
pay attention to me, hoe
yeah, i’m talking that fly sh-t, penthouse to high…
if you talking ’bout one of me and my n-gg-s
you die, sh-t
off topic, you talk with, let me chill on ’em
let the champagne chill on ’em
make a motherf-cker another mil on ’em
call me mr. miyagi, wax on, wax off, n-gg-
now you see me, now you don’t, 9-11 porsche n-gg-

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