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hell rell – untouchable lyrics

you keep calling my homie
need to check your b-tch
rollies don’t tick you need to check your wrist
n-gg-s be hating, i just look p-ss it
ball on these n-gg-s like i just got drafted
i wear that louie n-gg-, please fill up my cup
i need some chicken heads, i’m tryina fill up my truck
take em back to the condo, make em all get naked
this a million dollar grind and all the gangster
respect it
i ain’t wanna pop him, but i did it for the team
f-ck a shooting range, i got an infrared beam
you could run all day, i ain’t missin my target
ain’t gotta be in the projects, my dope flippin
talking sh-t on twitter, got the scoop where you live
caught em coming out the crib, choppa tore up his ribs
playing with yoru nose, homie we got that candy
and that panorama, go make her drop her panties

now f-ck this rap sh-t, got a brick of dope in my house
on some real sh-t, we the ones that slow up the drought
man she sell the p-ssy, i’d rather go in her mouth
i’m so trill n-gg-, but ain’t no gold in my mouth
need to take care of your b-tch man, she out there
sellin avon
hunned n-gg-s with hoodies, yeah we mobbin for traevon
i don’t see these n-gg-s and i ain’t even got shades on
don’t wanna be these n-gg-s, they saving hoes with they
capes on
yeah, ah, we get a mill then we move em out
drop a duffle on the dealer then i’m cruising out
paper plates like i’m cooking out
n-gg- you never in the spot,
you was looking out
yeah, now let’s get back to this real sh-t
tell the label they need to restructure the deal quick
i need another million, we in the f-cking building
we killin every n-gg-, but no women, no children
sh-t, call it what you want, but don’t call it broke
when you racked up, they laugh at all your jokes
when you’re broke, n-body picks up your phone calls
that’s why, all i know is ball.

- hell rell lyrics

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