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him – ikkunaprinsessa lyrics

sung by ville valo under the sound of finnish band ‘the agents’

naisiin ei voi pieni poikanen luottaa
ne suuren ikã¤vã¤n pieneen sydã¤meen tuottaa
mut kun ikkunaa tuijottaa kai pienikin poika illoin saa
sielt㤠katsoo prinsessa unelmain

ruudun takaa, ruudun takaa ruudun takaa
tyttã¶ni katsoo vain

hã¤n on naisista kaunein mink㤠tiedã¤n
myã¶s pienet rinnat prinsessallani siedã¤n
hattu on moitteeton ja hyv㤠myã¶s rytmi vartalon
ruudun takaa tyttã¶ni katsoo vain

oo glendora oo glendora oo glendora
kuinka sua palvon vain

kerran illalla ikkunaan taas saavun
jo ã¤ij㤠toinen prinsessan peitti kaavun
hã¤n peitti pã¤ã¤n ja peitti muun sen vaihtaen nukkeen
ruudun takaa tyttã¶ni toinen vei

ruudun takaa ruudun takaa ruudun takaa
tyttã¶ni toinen vei


the little boy can’t trust in women
they cause in little hearts a lot of sorrow
but even a little boy may stare at a window in the evening
out of which a dream princess is looking

behind the windowpane behind the windowpane
my girl is looking out

of all women she’s the prettiest i know
even small br–sts i tolerate in my princess
the hat is perfect and the posture is also good
behind the windowpale my girl is looking out

oh glendora oh glendora
oh glendora how i adore you

one night i p-ssed by the window again
already some some guy was covering her with garnments
he covered her head and everything else
exchanging her with a dressed up display dummy

behind the windowpale behind the windowpale
someone alse has stolen my girl

- him lyrics

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