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hub city stompers – chatterbox lyrics


the time has come to ask you “have we met”?
we must have from the way you talk sh-t on the internet.
saying things i never knew about myself.
now i sense a destiny: your -ss and my size 12.
i know that you’re the guy to spread said lies.
i’ve seen it in helvetica right before my eyes.
and i heard it from the east, west, north, and south.
let’s see how you talk sh-t with a steel toe in your mouth.

run like a b-tch.
so fun to play the righteous one, now you’re paying for your sins.
run like a b-tch.
when i catch up with you i’m gonna bash your head right in.

i know you like to let the loose lips flap.
you gossip like a little girl who needs a big b-tch-slap.
saying things whether or not you know them true.
now you’re standing silent when i’m here in front of you.
you’re dealing with a person, not a screen.
i’ll “double back slash” your throat and “delete” your f-cking spleen.
and your girlfriend better put away that mace,
before i have the skinhead girls do a dance upon her face.

you’re reaping every st-tch the doctor sews.
you’re earning yourself missing teeth and a badly broken nose.
’cause you’re the type of b-tch–ss that i loathe.
i see you have 2 faces so i’m gonna break them both.
i hope you hold the lesson that you got.
you’re better not to speak or type about what you know not.
and when you wake up sore in the morning,
be sure to remind yourself this was just a warning.

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