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huckapoo – where you belong lyrics


you stand, apart.
alone, you are,
working on your masterpiece.

they laugh, they stare.
no one, would dare,
invite you to hang out with them.

look around,
know where to go-o-o.
it gets you down
”cause you’d just like to know,
where you belong.
just lookn’ for the place
that you fit in.
you’re too cool, too wierd,
it’s always something.
try hard,
but you can’t seem to get there.

where you belong.
so what, so what,
if you’re different.
it’s what you is,
not what you isn’t.

someday, it’ll be so clear.

you dress, in black.
head full, of facts,
of every single apediar.

i’m blown, away,
with what, you say.
i love the way you look at things.

don’t take it all so hard.
it seems to me you’re not so very far,

just gotta be happy with in yourself.
no use tryn’ to be somebody else.
everyone’s just trying to find the place,
chorus x2
somewhere, where you belong.
someday, it’ll be so clear.

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