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i.o.d. – hunger lyrics

[verse 1: i.o.d.]
lies hidden in my smirk
20 hours off the vert
work ethic is berserk
bags under the man’s eyes
make you understand i
never been a fan of the silver spoon
under the silver moon the pen slivers familiar tunes
intended to be comprehended within your womb
i slip sonatas of senators who move like predators with a pistol
to push you off of cliffs of fiscal
i’m tired of the fire i spit
my mind is like a diamond i be thinking to hard, i quit
d-mn, if ignorance is bliss
imagine what the f-ck i’m gonna find in competence
competent, confidence, i’m the sh-t, prominent
i be living this life 5 to 6, 5 to 6
and that’s am to am the next day
a n-gg- can’t stop cause i never press play

i’ve been tired for days
i’m tryna get wired a raise
i’m tryna retire with praise
but i’m only inspired to stay
this is some higher messiah
desire to fire the prior acquire
entire survivors of minimal gaze
middle fingers to minimum wage

[verse 2: chris wise]
it ain’t no logic in leaving college
you gotta decide if that bullsh-t knowledge is worth deferring your dreams
i was a virgin with no verses
now i’m cursed with bringing hurt with every keystroke
catch a heatstroke
me and í.o rock yo party like benzino
for a c-note
check the de-al
r.i.p. to stee-lo
this how hip-hop ‘posed to be, yo
trill street wisdom for the people
i’m at hot-ninety-devil holding a desert to the peephole
just for g-code
when you see me, you should speak yo
flaming facebook -n-lysts couldn’t hold a candle up to this
black black black out
why you got your crack out?
it’s dark and h-ll is a crack house
keeping the darkest starving
some say life is good but they sell illmatic in target
somedays i feel like i’m dying
the internet is a coffin
where can i go to get off it
this is an offer
for any artist
i’m building a boat
to get back to khemit
if you put in it
then you can get in it
i’m spinning and winning
and posting and toasting
and causing commotion
i’m walking on oceans


- i o d lyrics

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