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ice-t – rhyme syndicate comin’ through lyrics


[verse one: ice-t]
my mafiaso rap calls an austro
cosby went deadly, cops would say ohh so
city be terrorized, concert we meant to rock
my word is my bond, because the ice speaks no lies
i kick flavor while the crew watch my back
kid jazz, everlast, low pro, nat the cat
donald dee, bronx style bob, t.d.f
spinmasters, bango and my man def jef
you want trouble; we got it
you hear gun; we shot it
wrecking and dancing; and suckers dancing with jackson
my glock is crazy respecting, collecting with cheque and
dissing, d-gg-ng, microphone hogging
radically speaking, monitor peeking
you get annoyed, worried and scary
beats are too different, styles are too vary
what you’re gonna do? – i’m gonna follow you
it’s ’88 punk, syndicate is coming through

[chorus: evil-e]
rhyme syndicate.. yeah, is coming through
rhyme syndicate.. yeah.. coming.. coming.. coming through
rhyme syndicate.. rhyme syndicate.. rhyme syndicate..
yeah.. is coming through

[verse two: ice-t]
evil-e cuts the records, the boy don’t be joking
i write the lyrics, my big pimp be smoking
when we’re on the do, since islam drops the talking
and after the jam syndicate cold be stalking
cold cooling while the girlies be drooling
take a ten at the time in the room for some schooling
the hall, the bar, the floor, the pool
and back at the limo’ we got the girls drooling for..

[chorus: evil-e]

[verse three: ice-t]
i got a rhymes like a spectacular, high great vernacular
records i rap for ya, movies i act for ya
you say you’re deaf? – it might be a fact
you are prepared to loose your bluffer cause my rhymes fly like zocular
don’t play me intelligence, cause that’s irrelevant
where power is mandatory just to kick lyrics so elegant
impressive, aggressive, suckers suppressing
you’re talking mess i think that you’d simply do your best to get it
or shut up, before the boys nut up
trying to diss the posse just can get your b-tt cut up
rhyme syndicate is the name of the crew
it’s simple, wasn’t way of living when they’re delivering to you

[chorus: evil-e until fade]