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icydarabbit – advice lyrics


there’s been a lot of hills that i’ve stumbled
but the hardest ones to fight are those that crumble
breaking and shatter right under your feet
at this moment of time i could lose everything
trynna be a someone and somewhat trending
instead i fall and stumble while my heart is mending
i’m so broken, think i lost my self worth
even when i try to breathe it’s starting to hurt

i can’t think straight, my mind it is out of it’s place
my eyes are getting cloudy just give me some sp+ce
all these people around me feeling so much unease
and the voices in my head pause for a moment please
the things i hate, that give me so much pain
is that i have to re+live through that pain again
the money and the fame took away and restraint
i don’t want to know what is left of my fait

feels like i am living in a lie
can somebody please give me advice

now i don’t know what i should do
and i’m not strong enough to do what i need to
i don’t want to tell the to leave me alone
and it’s hard to delete who you know on your phone
the devil on my shoulder, i know he’s whispering
and the thing that it says, it left me whispering
my body and scars read nothing but sin
and the devil on my shoulder gets under my skin. he says:
i don’t want to be loved, i don’t want to be safe
but i don’t want to be the one to have his life a waste
the curse has landed for exchange for your soul
now you have to spend the rest of your life alone
now i’ve sold my soul, my heart covered in holes
i am left in cold, i need someone to hold
i need somebody save me, need somebody help me
i’m feeling so empty with nothing but envy

feels like i am living in a lie
can anybody please give me some advice
i know i can win at this game we call life
i need is a piece of your advice