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ifloss – lazarus lyrics


i woke up this morning, decided need to change my life
my influence needs to spread b-tter on the knife
rapping for the bread pigeons flock they all love me
but i like the french cuisine more, less bummy
stomache’s rumbling keep my bars universal its the pasta
world wide and known like the ganja to a rasta
no imposter, thai land cooking
while i keep the flow on lock, cocaine in central bookings
make em find new ways to say floss you the best
wack rappers couldn’t touch me like the hairs on my chest
i’m not saying i’m the best i guess i am cuz you -ssuming
hallucinations caused by my product shrooms blooming
my raps booming, new york in the 70’s
bars going perfect like the gun in yosemiti
sam i’m the man where’s the hands
i make all drums bang cuz i lead the band stand

influential, fictional, and savage
bars very muscular, pen to a maverick
average, of course i will exceed
and make the game love me cuz i do this here with ease

stare at the trees, i take my post on top
like sap in the winter wack rappers need to stop
i got the fire, take the t-tle, call me prince zuko
don’t forget i hold the mic, soundproof i’m in the booth though
when i lose yo, the world’s gonna crumble
footb-lls will learn to fumble, and george will hate the jungle
lightbulbs will all cease, then i’ll meet jesus
to converse about knowledge, then many teachings
i’m not preaching i don’t believe there is a being
great enough to know my spirit, illuminati, all seeing
i have reason, its not my job to convert
because my jobs to keep you rapping not praise i’m not a jerk
lets flip it to the story where my words get praised
oh yeah that’s right now, well is it time to get paid
rappers have been slain or do you want me to m-ssacre
then bring em back to life, i’m jesus to lazarus

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