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ihatefridayy – yeh! lyrics


feel like mercury (x16)

im on a k!lling spree
stupid b+tch can’t f+ck with me
red bottoms on my sneaks
rock that bih with louie v

yo whats good my g
all my n+ggas cool with me
diamonds 5 degrees
capalot like polo g

what the f+ck (x16)

keep it tuck
50 bucks
give no f+ck (yeh)

outta luck
baby f+ck
with the new kid

keep it up
like a hoe
with her new tits
i can’t f+ck
no one else
not no new b+tch

feel like mercury (x16)

yeh yeh, you motherf+ckers dead
yeh yeh, that bih whole lotta red
yeh yeh, yall n+ggas f+ck with feds
yeh yeh, stack up alot a bread

yeh (x16)

motherf+cker got me off of some new sh+t
ima f+ck it up and i take her to my new crib
i stay pulling up i dont f+ck with u b+tch
hunnid racks or none, i dont need that new sh+t

feel like mercury (x16)