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ill intent – outta this world lyrics


y’all motherf-ckers know i’m out of this world
and i’m f-cking out of my mind, too

[verse 1]
i’m on that foreign sh-t to k!ll a b-tch
and i’ma tell you right now
y’all motherf-ckers better pipe down
a real f-cking emcee’s in the building
so you best respect me
if you don’t think so, then test me
please, i’m a restless beast
and i’m not tired, i just don’t need the sleep
i guess that’s what happens when you’re an alien
new rappers don’t like me?
i’m bailing then

yeah, i’m bailing then
f-ck them
they don’t need me?
well i don’t need them
so why the f-ck stay around?

[verse 2]
why the f-ck do i need to stick around anymore?
what, so i can sit around and get poor?
while i restlessly pour four gallons of bleach down their throats and on their t–th
why don’t i just end sh-t right now just like heath?

[bridge (x3)]
f-ck it, why don’t i just die?

[verse 3]
oh wait, that’s because i meant something b-tch
like it or not, things are about to switch
sooner or later i’m the one who will get rich
music and economy wise
yeah, i’m the one to despise
because i’m the epitome of all y’all b-tches’ demise
ho, don’t look at me with them eyes
i’ll gladly write you up with a pen to your thigh
i don’t need to get high
i’m already having plenty of fun
for example when i’m forcing a gun to the back of the sun
then i blow your f-cking lights out
m-ssive explosion, i’m packing explosives
i’m matching the ogs’ sk!lls with potions
a man witch, who turns dudes into manwich
i’m getting ready for lunch so jump in the pit for a bit
maybe i’ll put the lotion in the basket
don’t use it and get the hatchet
that’s how the story goes
no, wait, no it doesn’t, but i don’t know
i write the book like i write my hooks
how much murder can i do in one line
so bad i’m getting stupid looks
dumb motherf-ckers can’t keep up
like a suburban white kid with street stuff

y’all motherf-ckers can’t keep up and you f-cking know it
so back the f-ck off