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illgod & xplain d don – no love pt. 1 lyrics


[verse one: being]
it’s the lyrical mystic, kicking cryptic hieroglyphics
every script is dripping with physics
no love for the realest n+ggas
i let you n+ggas figure, stuck on a glacier
a long way from home, i’m all alone zoned out to tones of mother nature
i jumped the day job, waiting patiently for the undertakers
the thunder maker, k!ll every conversation as the ancient beings coronate ya
the intellectual sapient, i take the throne of persia
on the road to asia, smoking acacia puffing blue smoke
possession is just a long stick and some few clothes
‘cause this life truly truly was a cruel joke
very, very few folks ever go through broke to woke to provoked
i invoke the ghosts of the popes bringing hope to muslims and christians
so respect, ‘cause the imam is risen

[verse two: tulip]
i’m a stand+up n+gga, what the f+ck n+gga
stand up n+gga, i’m the law k!ller
waived by the rest of y’all n+ggas
the eagle done land to nest all y’all n+ggas
fresh gang from the ghetto, na him we be
we dey sell yarns like tomato, the industry
we don’t care now from the get go, begin dey speak
k!ll the beat, sicker than ill, fetish is real
the boy fly already, got no more room left
that dope kaya ready, omo na chew best
swimming in my ocean of thoughts
i’m getting dazed by the haze and it’s potent of course
and i can understand what my n+ggas lurking
purple hane in my brain, i’m the king with no reign
levitate with the pain, i’m the script with no reel
i’m the king with no queen, i play the illest for real
[verse three: xplain d don]
i’m never on a codeine diet
you can catch me in the lab steady decoding science
rolling papers by bob marley filled with potent hybrid
stone designed, mind probably old as mayans
murder gods with my hands in a bowl like pilate
or play the role of the robbers, i’m a rogue and tyrant
(yo) there’s no love in the heart of the city
a shogun, i tote guns, i got accomplices with me
tulip and eye arm, that’s truly cat’s pyjamas
quick to turn some live crews into a bunch of dark cadavers
abracadabra, disappear to a lost mountain
spit till i’m thirsty then replenish from a cursed fountain
been a don never ass+l!cked for incentives
it’s strictly beer+bongs and hashish in the trenches
i’ll probably earn cash from this talent that i’m blessed with
when it’s all said and done, it’s simply panem et circences