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immature – don’t think about it lyrics


bizzy bone
let me know what you gonna do
when the clair playas stay down
you know you gonna get beat down
tryin’ to stay alive but never alive to throw down
and all i wanna say is…don’t think about it
don’t reach for you stash, to get your sh-t
tryin’ to be all right, but you gonna die
’cause the things that you do to my dogs is all lie
so all i gotta say is…
peace til the end of the world, you’re going down, oh

baby, what did you do to me
trying so hard, all my life to please…you
but you left me
took everything i got
and all i got to give
is my love to you always

chorus (wish bone):

don’t think about it
trying to stay alive but you know you dont mean it
takin out hearts, takin our love
just for your love of money (yeah)
but i aint going down like that
even though i’m thug
doesn’t mean i cant give love

krayzie bone
all the times you thought about it
trying to make money but you just can’t make it
so you come up to a n-gg-
trying to get love and money, just to live bigger
f-ck that sh-t
east 1999 playas stayin true to the end
givin mo money, giving mo honey
i got my gat and drink a fifth of henessy

layzie bone
f-ckin’ with trues, nothing to lose
why play me like a game of chess
but we will never lose, always stay on top
winning the game for babiboi’s love
gettin dub, think about all the things you do
do you stay true
callin me boo
but dont mean sh-t just playin me fool


now move over for the fifth dawg
givin much love, trying so hard, just cant budge
so i got it all barracaded
only til the end of the world will it fall
but you n-gg-s aint, rather you die
n-gg-s f-ck around but you know you cant fly
playa hatin n-gg-s betta watch yo back when we come to your town
n-gg-s gon’ get beat down
if you really like it then n-gg-s wont clown

all the times, i thought you meant well
but now i can tell…that you was just messin with my heart
all i did…was give you all i had
now you left…and now i don’t have you, boo