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immolation – wolf among the flock lyrics


i am the one…leader of promise
stalking lost souls
rabid for the taste of faith

pull you close to me…i will make you see
spit my fears into your hearts
feed your minds with my disease

i’ll make them doubt themselves
i’ll make you loathe yourself

i am the one…creature of moves
sending my pack out into the world
those loyal to me grow like a plague

they’ll bow in praise of me…they will be slaves to me
i will bring them to their knees
devoured soul by soul

i’ll make them light for me
i’ll make them die for me

you’ll feed me your young and i take them with pride
i’ll offer you some guilt and a lifetime of lies
let me tease you with wonders and surround you with me
for i shall be your life, and your life shall be for me

i’m your world, i’m your light, i am all the answers you seek
you’ll walk throughout your empty lives, but never challenge me
for i am god, i am every god, i’m whatever you wish of me
i’m the beast you’ve created, and i’m the beast you’ll serve