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impetigo – cannibale ballet lyrics


your life is in danger…
beware of the cannibal wh-r-s
keep your distance from the uncivilised humans
observe their daily ritual of desvration and dismemberment
bamboo shelters degrated with carc-sses
a village of poverty and paranoia
pestilence and unsanitary conditions are the causes of death
the mortality rate increasing, the lost race decreasing
a population of sinners, victims victims of god
their elderly die of infection and rot
smell the pile of burning flesh
charred dead, flames engulf rigor mortis
the fortunate ones eat one
another to remain alive
the screaming victims are unheared as they’re eaten alive
the slaughter
continues throughout the night
fires made to cook meat and cartilage
maggots nest in the entrails,
carrions in pools of waste
cannibals without conscience, hunger is reason
a nightmare scene,
detached genitalia on dansling spleen
parasite feasting on it’s limbs
chances of survival are slim
dance with mind demons, inhuman behavior
stenches beyond repulsive, guts splatter starving faces
a h-ll on earth, origin of ancient atrocity birth
psychotic perversion, masturbatory motions
necrophilia… feed the sickening psyche
your fate to encounter the malicious, cursed tribe…
screeeeeeaaamm! aaaaaahhhhhh!