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in the woods – heart of the ages lyrics


the surrounding walls for yet unknown qualities.
have you ever been gifted to watch upon them?
or the elements, so oppressive, but still not known.
was there ever this moment they cared to let you inside?

mother nature’s son or just a savage diving into
the wilderness, we do adore so much?
there were times of hesitation and of union…
they did enjoy the combination when one hand was
given ingrat-tude or even?

will the era come …? that of, when man shall
become aware of her ways and his instincts.
literature may hold the final words for a glorious
reunion, but do gather forces and.
strive for knowledge wide.
await my gentle coming “journey”, for…

…once, when all those in the circle of four
greets a welcome through the entrance, i
will be this one who gathers up with them
and then to become their fifth and last
comrade of spirituality.

forever, and into the oblivion of infinity.