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inborn suffering – grey eden lyrics


weeping a falling eden
this distorted harmony breaks my silence…

i did wish the death of the sun
the loss, from shadow to dust
a burning desire, a solitude in fire
where rain ever stands in sorrow

the mirage swept away
my joyless souf lost in the grey
touch me innocence
(and hold me in your sanctuary)

this illusion of hope, who can pretend to teil the
who can say i’m blind, weak or strong ?
who can give an impression of purity
where bloodred innocence becomes the shroud of the

the mirror breaks again
my joyless soui lost in the grey
kill me innocence
and blame me for what i’ve done
for what i’ve not done

can you make the blind see… can you see a light in
thy eyes…
can you make the sinner proud… will you take my hands
and fly away ?

oh i don’t pretend to be human
my wills, ashes and dust
just the weakness of a murdered soul
i’d like to regret all i’ve done
but yet now, all i feel is gone
like a ghost in daylight’s fire…

here i stand, like a stone on the way
a burning time in the soil of fate
a melody, coming from the dead
a rotting smile, fading inside
awaiting the shroud
i will never pray
i will never ask for my death
i will find a way
i will kill myself, stand
and give life the respect it needs again

grey eden
a song where i can dream… yet awaken
grey eden
can you forget ?… that i’ll leave this way

grey eden
grey eden

i did wish to lay in this grey eden
a place where suffering is the key
where memories draw the sky
and humanity… still is a lie