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infected – eternal questiuns of existence lyrics


run away from h-ll
please, excuse my smell
listen, now i’m dead
f-ck my if i sad

you have to give
you’ve to forgive
you have to live

i can fly around
pleaced of the ground
i can see my friends
frig their b-lls with hands

it’s my funeral
ican see it all

look – it’s me in this coffin, i’m deaad
all this b-st-rds pretend as thay sad
f-ck my aunt, it’s so terrible sound
oh, it’s me, i’m at least under ground

you know what i mean
it feel like in dream
you free and don’t care
what stuff you’ve to wear
come on join me my friend
you’ll find promised land
this b-st-rds will suck
we’ll newer could give a f-ck…