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infidelity – take two lyrics


[verse: luca braico]
i cease to exist
received a cease and desist
for stealing pieces of miss
jacksons beat and a kiss
beneath my feet was a beam
of light
type of a narrow mind
piping hotter than
peter when peppers
picked were never ripe
tight and i forgot to mention
fire blocks the only exit
welcome back this should be pleasent
etch it in ya etchasketch
doggy b+tch you gonna fetch
grab my bone im tossing
cross a river where the furries nest
a little less you best believe im speaking truth
i k!lled it in the kissing booth
record a couple verse and spit back
inside a living room
hit me and it did some damage
squashed me like a meaty sandwich
im just tryna build my reputation
like im mr. manson
marylin? nope
it was a reference to charles
you didn’t catch it
but give it back i need it tommorow
internally im dealing with sh+t that you couldn’t even borrow
rent me out and store me later
let you use me like i’m vader
[spoken word outro]