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infiniite – flat circle lyrics


[verse: infinite]
why am i still doin’ this?
why  am i pursuin’ him?
when  i know that i can never get outta this place
got nothin’ to lose it in
this game but still afraid to play it
disdain  it but it’s the only way to say it’s
insane  i was born inside a cage which
it turns to a maze when i wanna escape it
and  now i am dazed and confused
cuz there ain’t a way i can choose
a single choice or a beneficial option or
maybe giving me a little help i can use
to  end this d-mn sentence cuz i am bruised
this infinite recurrence / h-ll i am through
every single minute that is p-ssing i’m drowning in this grief
i wish i never learned the sad truth
cuz the more you know the more you suffer
and its pain is k!lling me / ain’t no place to cover
all the things i’ve lost for this tasty profit
i have sacrificed since the day you promised
if i pay the price i can make another world a paradise
but you gave me nothing but a crazy life in a grave to plummet
and i can’t deny that i’m caged in a coffin
cuz i begged you to let me out i’m gon die in here
come and aid me now
yeah i let you in but i wish it never happened
please set me free before everything is blackened
cuz my life is a lie and nothing is real
and i am nothing but a giant m-ss of molecules
i don’t have a self / there’s nothing after death
it’s just darkness and that’s why i’m running outta fuel
but someone told me it’s worse
i can exactly recall every single one of his words
every time i think of what he said to me
it fills me with sorrow, self-pity, and remorse
now i’m the one who set this course
cuz he told me the time is a flat circle
and i’m stuck in this stagnation
dumped in this d-mnation
guess i gotta make my way outta this with force
but the harder i push through the stronger it gets
a more complex hedge
and there is no elise de la serre
that would give me a reason to not give it up in despair
this is just me and pen
you can trust me i can’t stay locked in this cell
you can toss me some help / cuz i’m trying to escape
but they got me in chains / what the f-ck am i sayin’?
i am done with this game
you better stop playing the victim
cuz ain’t n-body cares. they won’t give -ssistance
even if they would, you’re in a restricted country
and the picture you depicted
doesn’t mean sh-t to anyone of you, does it?
rather be dead / ain’t gon’ beg you for nothing
and i’m in h-ll. so be it. it rocks
cuz i’m gonna be the king down here i love it
so i’m glad as this region darkens
cuz i’m just gonna be like richard dawkins
every time i go and see another f-ckin obstacle
i’m just gonna use it to make me stronger
now i know what infinite’s job is
it is to fight them all with no partners
i’m gonna be the lone wolf who didn’t give up
even though he was just a biological puppet
and i’m infinite
i don’t know how many times should i mention it
means i was never born and so i’ll never gonna die
i just take another form in sp-ce and then
place myself at the center of a black hole
metamorphosis now i gotta transform
into another me in this singularity
where the laws of physics gonna cease to work
at its south pole
then i’ll be taken to another dimension
a new world with the order that i gotta change it
imma do it and now imma place faith in myself
ain’t no time waste cuz i found the way to ascend
and the methods that i need for me to transcend
i ain’t gonna submit to this illusion and madness
that used to rule us, but it’s p-ssed / it’s gone
cuz i’ll stay here and fight till my task is done