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infiniite – lighter of rap shit freestyle lyrics


[intro: infinite]
hey, infinite back here with another f-ckin anthem
check this sh-t out
yo, hey

[verse: infinite]
you ain’t good enough to do sh-t
if you think you’re dope, it’s just a f-ckin delusion
cuz you know you’re ignorant and you never new sh-t
you ain’t never gonna be me, i got many cool sh-t
just the because the bar is set too low
in a sh-thole country
they would think you’re dope
but in fact you’re nothing
you’re a f-ckin fake a r-t-rded junkie
you can never write from the heart just like me
ay, yo, i ain’t gonna save a hoe
cuz i ain’t a hero, i’m a cold motherf-cker
imma choke her in the bed with a f-ckin feather pillow
but my accent’s made her wet, now it doesn’t matter she knows
she can never seduce me anymore
wanna know the women use, you can see in any p-rn
imma punch her in the t-ts, imma leave very soar
here’s the old anti-women, he is back and there he goes
b-tch my tongue cuz a black death
everything i rhyme is a poisonous cactus
you ain’t never gonna be able to keep up with all of ma tactics
i’ll make sure the track’s lit. the lighter of rap sh-t