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inme – beautiful sky gardens lyrics


beautiful sky gardens

i’m a dog with a gl-ss half full of dirt
i’m a dog accustomed to years of hurt
i’m a dog with no chip on his shoulder
h-ll, these burdens on my back are as heavy as boulders
still as i’ve got older i’ve learnt to make the hurt invert into pleasure for better or worse
this devil of a dog feels alive
this old dog feels so free
the mongrel in me

i’m a bird being dragged through a broken cat flap
i’m a bird, broken winged, feeding a greedy fat cat
i’m a bird who used to fly so high
h-ll, icarus never even reached those heights
but i dug too deep in the dirt for a big fat worm
will i ever learn?
the sky is not the limit it is only the genesis of dreams

i roll around through these clouds with a bird’s eye view of earth
your hope surround this ascending rebirth
and as we stare at the sun, the garden’s poetry in bloom
my sins come undone for the goddess in you

i’m a chameleon, i change my colour
pink, blue, green, red and so many others
i adapt, enwrapped in all my surroundings
trapped in this syntax that i am bound within

i’m a t-rex, i scare all best friends away
i’m a t-rex, get a worse rep every day
i’m a t-rex with a dangerous bite
h-ll, these jaws are faster than the speed of light
but everything i want to hold is out of reach with these cruel small arms
i can’t cradle you within these razor sharp teeth

sanctuary for the broken hearted
reunited with the dear departed
we ricochet across the twilight
electricity ignites the skyline
there is light at the end of the aorta
there is hope for our sons & daughters
cut the stars open, light bleeding
pinch me, pinch me, i must be dreaming