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inner odyssey – light years away (part ii): shades of heaven lyrics


the silent curtains of black are being
drawn upon the shades of heaven
your celestial body projected on the welkin
of my dreams, are dreams meant to be broken?
afraid to close my eyes, should i glimpse your skin
i may not be able to open them anew
to prevent this one dream from dying
so you may haunt my existence, so i may live in you

in my visions, the sun awakens
heating your presence
after a warm night of shared romance
laid aside, we start to glide
on the streams of bliss
within the warm embrace of a kiss
burning inside we collide
our ashes drifting
in the fields, free as the wind
the night sky has this knack
of letting you fly so high
until the silent curtains are drawn back
revealing the scars in a crimson sky