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internal suffering – dimension of the wicked lyrics


forces of non+being, powers of ancestral evil resurgence
malignant entities: anti+matter, inner sp+ce, nothingness!
absolute abscence, terminal horror!
kindred inception, black hole? daâth!

opposite side of the tree, qliphoth’s reflection… sorcerer’s domain!
macrocosmic power+zones, transmision of influences
extra+terrestrial origin, three forms of no+thing, global domination!
anticlockwise world of the meon, alternate cosmos!

daath, gate of the abyss, enter noumenon, exit into phenomena!
manifestation of non+manifestation, outside tunnel!

choronzon opens the abyss portal, widdershins sphere forces, unleashed!
wordless aeon, atavisms of the beast? oh no, hoor+paar+kraat!

twin towers of the void: unpolarised duality!
dwelling place of set and horus, black brothers!

nocturnal sound, howler in the desert… the pylon of choronzon!
creation of phenomenal existence… black sun… tipheret!

fantasy of the flesh, mind power+zone, netzach!
under the aegis of mercury, hod? ohhh, azathoth!
moon in the sphere of yesod, fully balanced!
astro+etheric sphere, black atavisms sorcery!
forces earthed in malkuth, disintegration, dissolution!
complement of kether, plutonian current leads into
the depths of inner sp+ce, along the tunnels of set!
furthermost pylon, outer and inner sp+ce together to forge a
spellbinding wicked dimension!