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intervalle bizarre – abortion by muriatic acid lyrics


i’m dying in the place of my conception, my future – genetic sc-m, what
corrodes my home, injected in the uterus, pain all over my surface, they don’t
want my life, do they, i’m a negative element in their life, the negative
element which will be killed, by muriatic acid, i feel blood, i feel blood in
my liquid, i don’t know why,they want my death, i pucker up my face, who will
help me, in my future – ash, who feels the unborn tears, in mixture of blood
and the foetic liquid, it’s so sinister to me, i’m a fetus bringer of sorrow
and pain, they feel antipathy for me, my tissue is corroded by muriatic acid,
who knows that i feel pain – science, my life draws to an end, who killed me?