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introvert (pa) – …and how i dealt with it lyrics


i hope i poison your mind
don’t go to sleep
i’m in your dreams
and they’re a f-cking disease

in my head lies a spider’s web
every thought i’ve ever had
sits tangled and dead
just to get devoured by the ghost that you left
crawling through my head so i’ll never get rest

i remember when i used to be reliable
now i scream ’til my throat bleeds
and i can’t breathe
everything i know
has left me hanging from the bottom of a f-cking rope

so sick of missing you
so sick of losing hope

and if i can’t convince you we were worth saving
or sort through these things that i’m feeling
then maybe we’re just better off
hanging from the ceiling

this is my complete lack of composure
lack of composure
this is my complete lack of composure
my only f-cking source of closure