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iron savior – stonecold lyrics


vers 1
i’m drifting away my systems are failing
i will not return back to my home
to ones i love

i’m fading away
my hopes and my dreams
they will never come true
silent the stars
are gleaming above

chorus 1
i’m feeling cold
out in the vast
i will not outlast
lost without trace
i’m loosing the race
i want to be near you
i just want to feel you
my heart turns cold
cold as a stone

vers 2
so many years
thinking of you i can’t hold back the tears
i’m all alone with a million of fears

uhh, i want you so bad and it hurts
i can’t stand the pain anymore
please, godess of fate
i’m down on my knees

chorus 2
i’m feeling cold

vers 3
this is the end
and i will close my eyes forever
i won’t return to you my love

i will see you again
somewhere in sp-ce and in time
there’s a place
i wrote my farewell
in the stars above

chorus 3
i’m feeling cold