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isaiah thxmvs – initiate lyrics


initiate the process

ignite the fire’s fire
fulfill all your desires
take a chance and you dip
into things you heard of just prior

prior to meeting me
soon you’ll be sure to see
all of the things that led to you thinking less rationally

(verse 1)
slip into darkness that surrounds you and you can just weep
about the sins you sinned
and more, yes continually
empty your soul upon my shoulder
your hearts getting colder
your mind gets probed and has expanse like the west to the east

you had a broken past and it was so easy to see
that you won’t let n0body in, that’s n0body but me
i broke the walls and i had caused everything there to fall
yes, you received me like you had no guard up there at all

it wasn’t lovely first, it wasn’t all peaches and cream
you had to know me and you sure weren’t easy to please
yes it got tough but after weeks of you working on me
i made up my mind and i decided that you were for me

(hook) x2
initiate the process
deeper than we can go
much more than we can know
the blood will continue to flow
until it’s truly over
until the truth is told
maybe you come to terms
with things that lie deep in your soul

(verse 2)
i tried
i was working so hard
i gave everything that i had, and you took it too far
i can say that i’m a survivor, i’m living with loss
it’s so crazy that you’re indebted, love covered the cost
of what it costs to mend a broken person
who has been hurting
for f-ck’s sake
you need to know your actions went and pulled the curtains
on a show that was long standing
with standing ovations
lauded highly but consciously putting into rotation
the idea that i was imperfect based on your feels
and the thought that i couldn’t put your qualms with us at ease
this was something that many people were longing to find
we were that treasure buried
gold that just had to be mined

traversed far and wide and you sure put me up to the test
i’m a fighter and i will tell you i was made for this
there ain’t a thing that i would change
yes my lesson was learned
when you go through the fire
you know you’ll surely be burned

we’re all works in progress
this work though, you do need the most
you’ll have someone there by your side to help carry the load
in short i done enough and now you know you gotta go
i’ll yell this message to the world to let everyone know

the process has begun
this is where we decide that we all have a race that just has to be won
you don’t want a war
you need an advancement in life
something stable and something you know is lighter than light
why trust the process if you do not believe
that it’s worth it to go through h-ll to see fruit fall off the tree
worth it to be imperfect compared to the younger me’s
it ain’t cynicism if you know the goal you tryna achieve

initiate the process