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ishman bracey – jake liquor blues lyrics


jake liquor, jake liquor, what in the world you tryin’ to
do? (2)
everybody in the city messed up on account of drinkin’

i drank so much jake, it settled all in my head
i’ve drank so much jake, until it settled all in my head
i rushed for my lovin’, my baby turned her back to me

that’s the doggoned diseases, ever heard since i been
born (2)
you have numbiness [sic] in front of your body, you can’t
carry any lovin’ on

aunt jane she come a-runnin’, tellin’ everybody in the
aunt jane, she come runnin’ and screamin’, tellin’
everybody in the neighborhood
that man of mine got the limber trouble, and his lovin’
can’t do me any good

the doctor told me to tell you somethin’, for your own
cravin’ on this jake (2)
if you don’t quit drinkin’ that poison jake you’re
drinkin’, it’s gon’ leave you with the limber leg