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issbrokie – trials n’ tribulations! lyrics


(i’m a spiritual lyrical miracle rapper)
aight, imma try to do this in one take (yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh)
let my n+ts+ck hang a little bit
(let’s f+cking get it!)
(yah! yah!)

i got swag out the assh0l+
stacks out the cash flow
mad notes chillin in my journal by the ash bowls
bad hoes tellin’ me i got a voice like nat cole
smack her ass for me, that’s yo’ b+tch, let me relax tho
i gone through tribulations with some trials laid out for me
spit a lil’ harder ever since i came out
family dinners, only politics wan’ come out they mouth
my family see me as a politic, that’s why i stay out
inside the streets, bumpin’ blast beats, drownin’ pain out
made some friends back in school, usеd to buy me takeout
was down to ride for my hooligans, gavе me a way out
was down to die for some dudes i would’ve never gave clout
but that’s what happens when you’re too nice
my mama got some new ‘cus of my raps
i also bought my b+tch a chain with some jordans, in fact
i bought a pc for a k and 300 a pop
i’m ’boutta buy a car, i just need a couple more racks
ain’t makin time for rap beef or an old homie
fans hit me up, callin’ me steph when they don’t know me
bro, blow me, you tryna be my friend?
take yo’ phone, stick it up through yo’ bottom end
pottyhead got me a couple hunnid this week
i ain’t talkin bout the merchandise, i’m talkin bout streams
none of these rappers really bout the sh+t they rap and they speak
slap the f+ck out pf a rapper screamin’ “f+ck the police” when they ain’t mean it
we ain’t beefin’, lil’ homie, you hot trash
ever since we stopped talkin’, you only drop ass
we made a song a while ago, you still haven’t topped that
so before you wanna beef, take my name out yo’ top tracks
p+ssy, you b00boo
i won’t collab wit’ a wack rapper again
i attack tracks wit’ a pen, i been abstract with the sentences
all the b+tches say “you fire” just like benson says
murderin’ every beat, they don’t know where the instrumental been
issbrokie, b+tch
stop f+ckin’ talkin’ to me, dawg (you can’t talk to karmamob!)
“all these rappers rhyme is a crime” (get the f+ck outta my dms b+tch!)
ya’ll f+ckin’ droppin’ trash, ya’ll literally littering when you drop
f+ck outta my face
call the police! call the police! you littering
suck my d+ck, b+tch
you know you need my name in yo’ f+ckin’ tracks to get plays
that’s on gang! karmamob till i die b+tch
why am i talkin’ like that? i don’t even talk like that

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