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itsunknownmf – homicide (freestyle) lyrics


it’s unknown motherf-cka!

you mcs better listen closely, and proceed with caution
i’ve committed so many sins, while gripping this very pen
now i f-cking bathe in the holy water, you don’t want me to engage
cause you know me, when i use my range
it will be the end of days, k!lling everything that’s in my way
who lied and said you wrote heat?, i think it’s time to shoot rhymes at opponents
and make em go sleep
you always wanted the fame and bright lights
now you made the cut, your scared as f-ck
cause your swimming in the waters with a great white
who’s itching to slaughter and when i take a bite
i ain’t letting go, til heaven carries soul
my lyrics will haunt ya, cause create fright
i don’t like to play nice, i p-ss on grave sites
i’m known for spitting sinister cold bars
what’s gon’ happen to you will be tragic like mister omar
you don’t want unknown start, i will make sure you fall from great heights
when i blaze the mic, cause the lines are f-cked up like owen hart
bars that will take your life, you tryna stop my drive but i ate the light
quit saying you gotta 16 to end me, when your pen game is weak
and i’m in a different league of mcs, vicious and deadly
clips will be emptied, i’m gonna put you six feet deep without a second thought
you really sending threats like i won’t respond
i’m finna catch a lyrical and literal homicide
a criminal who’s head hunting, this sh-t bouta get ugly
the feeling when i finish you is similar to k!lling a b-tch like ted bundy
all you do is rhyme big words, when you spit a verse
f-cking f-ggot, you ain’t sayin’ nothing
if you step in this ring don’t think that you can’t be stopped
cause i’m gonna leave the world in shocked like when undertaker lost to brock
you say you with the smoke til you coughing up a lung
now i’m out for blood, aiming and hitting my shots
people saying their the best, when their simply just not
coming through k!lling and no one gonna know who do it
cause the k!ller is unknown like biggie and pacs

peace out, motherf-cka!