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ivan b feat. keith fontano – need you still (feat. keith fontano) lyrics


baby put the bottle down
you don’t need another one
no, you don’t need another one

girl, you don’t need another one
why you taking all those pills?
don’t you know that they will k!ll you?
don’t you know that we all need you?
don’t you know i need you still?

i barely knew you back then
but man, the things i remember it’s all in my mind
tears on my face as i’m writing these lines
to imagine a place, if i asked are you fine
didn’t care, never talked, wasn’t there, never called
then you were gone, only thing i recall
saw your girls face, no make-up
no smile, no feelings, no heart
she felt nothing at all
like, what could i say?
how could i possibly say “it’s okay”?
how could i not feel this anger inside me
i look at her now, and you made her this way
when you drank all them pills, yeah i k!lled her
since then man i haven’t seen the real her
screaming in her pillow could you tell me did you hear her?
even when she smiles, could you see that it still hurts
they might say that it’s wrong to be bitter
but the more that she drank, the more she got sicker
no better, she k!lling her liver
you thought she’d be better but it’s getting worst
hollow like the bottle she’s holding
she’s trying to sleep, can’t sleep to the morning
every day is another performance
his pictures, memories, it’s what she’s been holding
she’s blaming herself for the reason you left
you took every pills but she feels the effect
family is in pieces, your friends are a mess
you left all your pain and you gave it to them
what did you think that would happen
thought it’d be easy like she would move on
hang out with her friends like nothing is wrong
they try to be strong but the moment you left
she was already gone